Episode 300 of Guide to the Unknown

Celebrating a milestone and encouragement for other creatives!

Episode 300 of Guide to the Unknown
Guide to the Unknown 300: The Blair Witch Project - A Celebration — Guide to the Unknown
Follow our voices down into the basement. To celebrate EPISODE 300 (!!!) we’re digging through the rocks and twigs of the Blair Witch Project, and it’s incredible website, dossier, and comic book! Welcome to a new era of deep dives. ...Careful not to kick over any piles of rocks... (THANK YOU FO

Today we released the 300th episode of the podcast GUIDE TO THE UNKNOWN

Particularly in this era of awareness that studios and streamers take advantage of creatives, I am SO immensely proud of cultivating a truly independent means of production.

I'll keep some cards close to the vest, but Guide to the Unknown has proven to be a terrific channel for all manner of material.

Podcasting has LONG been a viable business, but when I first started producing shows over a DECADE ago, they were viewed almost exclusively as nothing more than a hobby. In fact, a former employer of mine actually requested I stop producing Guide to the Unknown as a condition for my employment. I said no, and it remains one of the best decisions I ever made.

Guide to the Unknown (and podcasting overall) has given me an unbelievable number of tools in my tool belt. Skills developed producing a fun weekly show have contributed massively to all manner of other gigs!

The ability to record live-to-tape has improved how efficiently and clearly I communicate, and enabled me to somewhat effortlessly improvise.

Cultivating our audience has shown me how important it is to not only produce good work, but FOSTER the COMMUNITY that will give it a longer lifespan.

Editing and working intensely with not just audio but video has always been challenging, but to make sure we don't break our weekly pace, I've had to hone a reliable, repeatable WORK FLOW, that is scalable and applicable to other projects, fiction and nonfiction alike.

But above all else, the MOST important thing we've done is keep the FUN alive.

I've always believed that PASSION is infectious. If YOU love what you're doing, you're sure to capture the attention of like-minded listeners and viewers. And ultimately, it's this audience that keeps the machine running.

It's never been a better time to be independent. Guide to the Unknown is proof to me that all creative work is a MARATHON.

Build build build as you go.

Don't be afraid to start SMALL.

LEARN on your feet.

You'll get where you need to be.

I have more great projects coming in the future (fingers crossed for some announcements soon), and Guide to the Unknown will continue to grow and change alongside them!