Introducing Mythic Monday!

Introducing Mythic Monday!

UPDATE: Thanks for joining me! Catch a replay of Hour 1 here:

Myst - Part 1: The Best I’ve Ever Done - TheMythTraveler Plays
“BRING ME THE RED PAGES”Myst is a game I was lightly obsessed with as a kid, though I could barely get anything done. Well, it seems like that’s finally chan...

Hour 2 is archived in this paid-subscribers post:

How I Would - August 2022
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Good morning!

Like a lot of people, I can find it hard to start the week right. And there's a LOT to do.

Lets start with an hour of fun, before we get down to and hour of business.

Right now (11 am est), I'm on Twitch streaming a game. I had posted a poll on my social media, and MYST was far and away the winner!

Join me on Twitch!

TheMythTraveler - Twitch
Writer. Directer. Producer. Performer. - Great stories from ideation to launch (and every step between)Let’s have fun.

After Myst, I'll be diving into a writing project: HOW I WOULD

I'll update that post with the link to join an EXCLUSIVE stream just for paid subscribers! I asked people to vote on which of 3 franchises I should tackle, and the time for voting is almost over! And then...we research, write, and plan to share!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you have a great day!