Organic Stupidity

For DECADES, A.I. has been a topic in science-fiction and horror, and now...It's going to TELL the stories.

Organic Stupidity


Artificial Intelligence.

You can barely cruise around online without seeing someone's hot take on the subject.

A.I. is here to create images of whatever you can dream up, it's here to write your college essay and get you expelled for using it.

A.I. is here to CONSTANTLY loom overhead, threatening to steal your job as soon as some enterprising stooge fine-tunes it to out-work you (at a fraction of the cost).

For DECADES, A.I. has been a topic in science-fiction and horror, and now, according to even director Joe Russo, it's going to TELL the stories.

Oooh and people were PISSED. How could he support A.I.? ADVOCATE for it?

See also: there was a time people insisted the internet was a FAD...

So GOOD NEWS: we were born at the right time to chase our dreams of being creatives JUST in time for machines to learn how to do it better.

It's the industrial revolution, for people who want to tell made up stories for money.

A.I. is efficient.

It's terrifying.

It's evolving faster than you know...



If you're anything like me, you've spent years enjoying the convenience of Google's free services, you've posted too much on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and you've shrugged off any concerns about privacy and safety.

What, I'm supposed to be scared of A.I. now?

If history is any indicator, I'm going to roll over, and let this thing steamroll right over me. Just squish me into a fine goo.



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Welcome to the lazy rebellion.

A little about me: I have been fortunate to carve out a small corner of the internet for myself. I've been podcasting for over a decade, to an outstanding audience. I've made a few niche horror productions that a small, vocal audience enjoys.

I went to Hollywood. I went to Tribeca. I have a few things in varying stages of pre-production (so I can stop leaning on those first two things).

...Maybe that's the end...

Sure I didn't make a movie, but I did it, right?

The mad dash for "content" is going to kill creatives like me.

Maybe it already has.

Let me tell you, the competition was steep enough without some robo-monster pinching out a full script in a moment.

I'm messy.

I struggle to get started.

I second-guess my instincts and throw away pages.

A.I. has every script ever written at their disposal, and without a care in the world, they'll copy the skills of talented writers to create something blandly palatable.

Feel free to disagree, but Joe Russo is 100% right. Get ready for A.I. movies.

The best ones will have a tiny number of creatives guiding the machine.

It'll like that scene in GHOST. Patrick Swayze is humanity, wrapping its arms around A.I. Demi Moore, seductively collaborating on some pile of muck that becomes a mediocre vase.

And almost guaranteed, within the blink of an eye, the roles will reverse. A.I. is going to slip behind humanity. The machine will guide the humans, and the vases will all look more of less the same. Perfect in an uninspired sort of way.

And I bet you I'm going to LOVE it. I'll bet you my life's savings (read: my entire Zelda collection).

You'll love it too.

Perhaps there will be a period of adjustment, but what? You DON'T want to see a movie created by a computer?

...sure you don't...sure...


Here's whats happening.

I'm not going to fight A.I.

I'm not.

I haven't used it much. I'm sure I will at some point.

But I'm going to evolve a little too.

Fuck artificial intelligence. The machines will never be as stupid as I can be.

I'll be right here posting stories. Organically stupid stuff. Little horror tales. I'm going to narrate them when I can. I may make some new audio dramas too. I'm going to post articles like this one.

And I'll never stop developing larger projects that can take a long long time to come to life. I love collaborating with other creatives navigating these same uncertain waters. Hell, I'm even working on a few things ABOUT A.I. (like countless others).

Put simply, instead of chasing the competition, I'm going to double down on being a messy human.

I'm going to get weirder.

I'm going to try more experimental things.

So go ahead and dive into the precision perfection of A.I. I'll be there too, playing with it as if it's some silly toy, rather than a tool to replace me.

Just remember, when you need something made by a sloppy, ambitious human, I'll have lots to share with you.

See you soon!