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I live to tell great stories, no matter what form, no matter what it takes.

I am behind audio dramas like the young-adult horror adventures of Blackwood, the female-led post apocalyptic Earth Break (the first audio drama to premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival), and the short-form horror anthology The Long Hallway. My stories have been featured in podcasts like Nighty Night with Rabia Chaudry, and I'm always exploring new independent projects to release directly. Since 2012, I have created and hosted multiple weekly podcasts through my independent label TalkBomb, such as Guide to the Unknown, featured in Rue Morgue Magazine.

Based in central New Jersey, I have been described as a natural leader, often serving as a mediator and cheerleader on projects. Primarily, I consider myself a creator and a problem solver, accustomed to wearing multiple hats, and quickly pivoting between writing, directing, producing, performing, editing, sound design, and more. My knowledge of pop culture, especially the horror genre, is a frequent asset, and greatly contributes to productions. While focused predominantly on fiction, my specialty is in creating immersive stories full of creativity and passion. No matter what, I always ensure that creative parties are heard, and project owners are confident about the quality and execution of their productions.

From ideation to launch (and every step in between), I love to bring my passion, creativity, and problem solving to every step of the process with the goal of leading projects to the finish line.