The Warehouse

The Warehouse

Bradley and Allison Walker pay an urgent visit to a government warehouse. The soldier on duty might know too much.

This story first appeared on The Long Hallway

In 2019, I wrote a story imagining what would happen if a politician went after the collected artifacts seen at the end of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark.

I think we can all agree that Indy did the right thing in that movie. He kept the Ark of the Covenant out of the hands of the Nazis. But ultimately, that powerful relic found itself sealed in a box with countless other crates in a secretive warehouse somewhere, presumably alongside countless other similarly dangerous objects.

That's a happy ending, if you assume America can be trusted not to abuse those objects. Now let's imagine that changes (somehow)...Wouldn't Indiana Jones' hard work collecting those objects suddenly feel like he'd stolen weapons from all around the globe, just for us to use? Collected powerful weapons under one roof, just for us?

This story imagines that time has come, and a small group of people realize the importance of RETURNING each and every object to where it initially came from. But, they're in slightly over their heads.

The Long Hallway was, by design, a place for especially short stories, and I have always been proud of this script.

•	Directed by Will Rogers
•	Produced by Will Rogers and Derrick Smith 
•	Written by Will Rogers
•	Executive Produced by Ryan Hogan, Derrick Smith, and Joshua Holley
•	Starring Tatiana Nya Ford, Kevin Chilcoat, Molly Marguiles, and Derrick Smith
•	Casting by Melissa LaMartina
•	Edited by Brian Chilcoat