The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

A man washes up on the shores of an island, and finds himself perhaps rescued by its sole inhabitant. He'll be there for a while.

This story first appeared on The Long Hallway

The Lighthouse came from a love for obtuse mystery stories that pull you in but ultimately challenge you to concoct whatever answers might satisfy your curiosity.

Recording The Lighthouse was a lot of fun. I hadn't originally planned to play the stranger washed up on the shore, but ultimately something about playing a person lost and confused just...clicked.

I still wonder whats lurking at the top of the lighthouse.

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•	Directed by Will Rogers
•	Produced by Will Rogers and Derrick Smith 
•	Written by Will Rogers
•	Executive Produced by Ryan Hogan, Derrick Smith, and Joshua Holley
•	Starring Tatiana Nya Ford, Will Rogers, and Dave Gamble
•	Edited by Brian Chilcoat