Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween

It's Halloween, and young Tommy has LOVED running around the neighborhood trick-or-treating with his father. Unfortunately for them, there isn't just candy waiting for them at the final house on their path.

This story first appeared on The Long Hallway

"Happy Halloween," turned out to be the final episode of The Long Hallway, and the final podcast I would create for Hunt a Killer. I'm immensely proud of how it turned out. To get to the finish line by Halloween, I had to employ every skill, from writing, to sound design, to directing, and acting.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of creating this story was finally working with performers I'd long ear-marked for a show: Jane Beverley as the warm and frightening Norma, and Charles Costa, then 8, who I knew would absolutely blow everyone away!

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•	Directed by Will Rogers
•	Produced by Will Rogers
•	Written by Will Rogers
•	Starring Charlie Costa as Tommy
•	Jane Beverley as Norma
•	Keith Tralins as Police Officer
•	Will Rogers as Dad
•	Edited by Will Rogers