Will Rogers' Radio Theater - Episode 1

Will Rogers' Radio Theater - Episode 1

"Join Will Rogers, Walt, Bryan, Git 'em and Sunday Jeff for a TESD Radio Play!"

How have I never leaned into the old-time-radio concept until now?

After doing the 2022 Halloween episode for Tell 'Em Steve-Dave, Walt Flanagan and I started talking about how to tackle a radio play.

Episode 1 is a 70's cop drama parody: The Sunday Knight Mystery.

One of the big twists is that you'll hear us during the recording itself. It's a podcast, a radio play, and a blooper reel all in one.

Check out this clip to get just a taste:

SAMPLE: Will Rogers’ Radio Theater - Tell ’Em Steve-Dave
A clip from a new series on the Patreon for the podcast “Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave”Will Rogers’ Radio Theater is an audio drama, a commentary track, and a blooper…

Enjoy, and hopefully this is just the beginning!